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Lexington County Museum collects, preserves and presents the history of Lexington County, specifically the artifacts and structures made and used in the area before 1865.



Museum History

Lexington County Museum offers a unique learning opportunity to view structures and artifacts that focus on sharing the life stories of local residents from the colonial period to the Civil War. Founded in 1970, the museum complex sprawls across seven acres in downtown Lexington and features more than 30 historic structures that have been moved to the site from locations throughout the county.

Some of the historic structures include the original Lexington County Post Office, the oldest documented house in Lexington, and the house where the traditional song “Give Me That Old Time Religion” was composed. Exhibits inside the buildings focus on locally made and used artifacts including furniture, quilts, pottery and rifles.

Most notable among the buildings is the ten-room John Fox House that was built in 1832. Originally a plantation home, the house is furnished with period pieces that illustrate antebellum living conditions. It is the only structure original to the property.

An invaluable learning tool, the museum offers comprehensive educational tours to a variety of visitors from students groups to history buffs, gardening hobbyists, and arts and crafts enthusiasts. Historical interpreters open a door into the past through fun and fascinating demonstrations.

Our Staff

J.R. Fennell

Museum Director

J.R. Fennell leads a team of talented staff and volunteers in curating and interpreting the artifacts at the museum site. Fennell holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from the University of South Carolina and is responsible for directing the organization in its mission to collect, preserve and present the history of Lexington County. He is involved in all aspects of site management, from the restoration of structures to marketing their assets.

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Patricia Shandor

Visitor Services Coordinator

J. R. Fennell is assisted in managing the site by Patricia Shandor, the visitors services coordinator. Patricia also holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Furman University and the University of South Carolina and has extensive experience in museum curation.

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